A business by any other name … would be seen less!

Why would a company with a name so recognisable that it was synonymous with the overnight delivery service choose to revamp its identity?

The short answer is ‘to increase exposure’. Federal Express reworked its image to make its strongest attributes instantly and easily recognisable, changing its name to FedEx, replacing the dated 1970s typeface, removing the restrictive purple field around the logotype and adding its landmark tagline. Changing the name to FedEx made the most of the valuable real estate on the side of every company vehicle, creating a fleet of moving billboards.

‘Whereas “Federal Express” only permitted 58-inch letters on the side of a trailer, the letters spelling FedEx can stand six feet tall,’ says Bruce McGovert, Landor’s implementation director. ‘Airplanes can be read across an entire airfield.’ At the end of the day, increasing exposure also increased sales.

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    Taren Kingman
    28 / 01 / 2012 at 7:54 am

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