Branding is the new ‘black’

85% of shoppers rank ‘colour’ as a primary reason for choosing a particular product. Black promises luxury. Red equals urgency. Blue exudes trust. And team scope’s hot pink means joy and happiness. What colour are you?

yellow = optimism and youth. This fun and bubbly colour is a great attention grabber, and is perfect for cutting through the ‘white noise’.

red = energy. Red increases the heart rate and creates urgency, so next time you see that red ‘sale’ sign take some deep breaths!

purple = calmness and serenity. It’s also the colour of royalty, and is used to associate beauty products with prestige.

green = wealth! But it’s also easy on the eye and very relaxing – and often used in stores to help get you in the mood to part with your cash!

blue = trust and security. It’s no accident that the ‘boys in blue’ are dressed in blue! It’s all designed to increase your trust and make you feel safe.


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