7 Winning Values


At team scope, we believe that values are a key ingredient in the business success mix. They encapsulate the principles behind your brand essence, affect the way you are perceived by your clients and help you to establish the tone and direction of your business activities.

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Seven steps to branding your new business


You’ve got an idea for a new business. You’re passionate about it and when it comes to your product or service, you really know your stuff. So you’ve got everything you need to succeed, right?

Not quite. Even the most brilliant business needs to get the right start in life if it’s going to become a success. At team scope we specialise in creating brand strategies for new and longstanding businesses, so we know exactly what you need to get your business to take off – and it starts with getting the basics under your belt! (more…)

Increasing your Nett income


At team scope, we have over a hundred years of experience between us, and we get how important a strong brand is to business success – so we decided to extend our network and share our expertise with the community.

Business-oriented Nett Magazine was the perfect platform for a series of articles aimed at demystifying the branding process and getting people on board with utilising one of their most important business tools. And to make sure people knew where to come to learn the inner ‘secrets’ of successful branding we included advertising in our distinctive team scope font and colours to really get the message across! We believe in what we do, and we think it’s vital to share our knowledge and passion with other businesses … because once you get the power of branding, you never want to give it up!

Your branded environment


Your branded environment can bring tangible benefits to your business in terms of customer loyalty, employee productivity and, ultimately, profit.


Employer branding

Creating a strong employer brand

Creating a strong employer brandBuilding a strong brand identity and conveying it to the marketplace is a vital part of business success – but creating a strong employer brand is just as crucial. (more…)

Creating a ‘signature’ brand


What does your handwriting say about you? Having a strong brand is all about making your mark on the minds of your customers – and having a ‘signature’ font can give them a great insight into your brand’s personality. (more…)

Changing the face of word-of-mouth marketing


How much has social media changed the way you need to do business? (more…)

Apple takes a bite out of Google


Apple has overtaken Google as the world’s most valuable brand, ending a four-year reign by the Internet search leader, according to a new study by global brands agency Millward Brown. (more…)

A business by any other name … would be seen less!


Why would a company with a name so recognisable that it was synonymous with the overnight delivery service choose to revamp its identity? (more…)

What business is Branson in?


Pop quiz – what business is entrepreneur Richard Branson in? If you said airlines, mobile phones or music you’d be absolutely right – but you’d also be absolutely wrong, because the real business Branson is in is branding. (more…)

Heads or tails?


Famous brands aren’t built in a day – they’re the result of years of hard-line marketing and hard work. And sometimes, a quirky tale or two about how they came to be the brands we know today. (more…)