JH employee benefits handbook


John Holland employees work hard – and they really deserve the benefits they receive. So when John Holland asked us to expand their employee communications suite by putting together an employee benefits handbook, we wanted to create a booklet that would make staff excited to find out what their employer has to offer. (more…)

John Holland flexible futures book


When you’ve spent a lifetime in the construction industry, building a bridge to retirement can be the most exciting – and most challenging – job of all. (more…)

John Holland Annual Review 2011


John Holland tackles big projects – and they make sure every tiny feature is absolutely perfect. So when the time came to create their 2011 Annual Report and Financial Review, we knew the design had to show off both the scale of their achievements and the commitment to detail that makes them possible. (more…)

John Holland welcome book

When you’re interested in bringing new employees on board, it’s a great idea to put out the welcome mat and say hi! So as part of their recruitment program, John Holland asked team scope to put together a welcome book to go out to potential new employees. (more…)

John Holland Sustainability Report


In today’s world, sustainability is a big consideration for businesses, so when team scope designed John Holland’s 2010 sustainability report we wanted to make sure that it conveyed just how important John Holland considers it to be. (more…)

John Holland graduate micro-site



What do you do when a business known for its strength, stability and longevity wants to connect with a generation that’s sharp, tech-savvy and looking for fun? You build a website that bridges the generation gap and gets a new generation to work building bridges – and roads, tunnels, airports, buildings … ! (more…)