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Expect the unexpected
team scope created an effective and versatile brand for The Ortho Practice, with the ability to transform easily across any medium. And that means that The Ortho Practice’s clients can always expect some unexpected surprises from Sydney’s favourite orthodontists.

Your brand should be different, engaging, and most of all, memorable – and while it starts with having a strong logo that is a reflection of your business, it sure doesn’t end there! In most instances your marketing materials are the first point of contact potential customers will have with your brand – so it’s vital to ensure that they make a great impression. Over the years, team scope has created a variety of branded materials based on the identity we created for The Ortho Practice. The logo we designed is effortlessly effective, with crooked-to-straight lines representing the teeth throughout the orthodontic process, and is able to be applied absolutely anywhere. As you can see, we’ve done a lot of different things with The Ortho Practice brand over the years, but the one thing we’ve never done is put it on a toothbrush …yet!

The best way to get new clients is through word of mouth – be it referrals from existing clients or other professionals. The Ortho Practice places a lot of value on the referrals it receives from other dentists and wanted to do something special to say ‘thanks’ and ensure that it stays top of mind with the dentists in the area. The ‘Smile’ cupcakes we designed deliver a strong on-brand message that’s far more memorable than a simple card and with the fantastic response this campaign as received, it looks like local dentists have a sweet spot for The Ortho Practice when it comes to referring patients.

The brand experience secures your existing client base by building customer loyalty and expands your potential client base by encouraging word-of-mouth referrals – so it’s vital to get it right. The Ortho Practice ‘experience’ lasts from the moment they first walk through the door right up until their last appointment – and beyond. With personal touches like birthday cards and special merchandise, The Ortho Practice builds great relationships with its clients, ensuring that they always feel valued and valuable.

Building a brand that will help you grow your business doesn’t happen by accident and it shouldn’t be left to chance. team scope are branding experts with the knowledge and experience to build a brad identity that’s backed by a robust strategy, so your brand can go where you want it to go and do what you want it to do.

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