Claire Hand now commercially available


Wow, Claire Hand, the font created by team scope based on the hand writing of our resident designer Claire Orrell has achieved over 340,00 downloads on Claire Hand comes in three weights as well as a web version.

Claire Hand is 100% free for personal use, but to keep up with developments, we are now charging for commercial use licenses (see below).


Finders Keepers App


Not content with simply running Team Scope, Katie Selby had also been toying with the idea of producing her own App.  She finally took the plunge and invested in her 3am idea and Finders Keepers App was born. (more…)

team scope have gone residential


Over the years we’ve designed a fair few commercial spaces, but we are now excited to show our first residential project. (more…)



Team scope love great design from all over the world and we are always looking for products that are beautifully designed as well as practical for everyday use. So we are especially excited to have joined forces with Studio Jose de la O to introduce Australia & New Zealand to their beautiful Anti-Fly Sphere.

In the street markets of Mexico, hanging a plastic bag full of water from the ceiling of several kiosks, is a traditional way to scare flies away from most of the market. The refraction of the water amplifies colours and movement making the fly nervous and scaring it away. From these humble beginnings, the Fly Sphere was born, making it the perfect modern, sustainable pesticide, where the insect remains unharmed and the food is free of flies.

You can purchase online from

7 Winning Values


At team scope, we believe that values are a key ingredient in the business success mix. They encapsulate the principles behind your brand essence, affect the way you are perceived by your clients and help you to establish the tone and direction of your business activities.

Increasing your Nett income


At team scope, we have over a hundred years of experience between us, and we get how important a strong brand is to business success – so we decided to extend our network and share our expertise with the community.

Business-oriented Nett Magazine was the perfect platform for a series of articles aimed at demystifying the branding process and getting people on board with utilising one of their most important business tools. And to make sure people knew where to come to learn the inner ‘secrets’ of successful branding we included advertising in our distinctive team scope font and colours to really get the message across! We believe in what we do, and we think it’s vital to share our knowledge and passion with other businesses … because once you get the power of branding, you never want to give it up!