The Ortho Practice cup cake campaign


We’ve spent the last five years helping The Ortho Practice build a reputation for being different from other orthodontists, so when they asked us to come up with a way to say ‘thanks’ to dentists for referring patients to their practice, we knew a simple card just wouldn’t cut it! (more…)

The Ortho Practice marketing brochure

The Ortho Practice brochure image 5

This month, we braced ourselves for a marketing challenge and sank our teeth into creating a brochure designed for the coolest orthodontists around – The Ortho Practice. (more…)

The Ortho Practice graphics + signage

The Ortho Practice interior image 1

If there’s one place that can really benefit from having a welcoming feel it’s the dentist. (more…)

The Ortho Practice website

The ortho Practice website image 1

Does the ‘f’ word come to mind when you think of the dentist?

It will if you’re lucky enough to be a client of the ortho practice, in fact, a whole load of ‘f’ words will probably come to mind ‘cause they’re putting the fun, fresh, friendly and funky into dentistry. (more…)

The Ortho Practice

The Ortho Practice testimonial

Railea & Theo Baisi, Directors

The Ortho Practice rebrand

The Ortho Practice business cards

team scope had a ball creating a contemporary brand for what would have to be the funkiest dentist in town, the Ortho Practice. (more…)