Dimora Project Website

Some things have to be seen to be believed – and at team scope, we believe truly high-quality construction is one of them.

When Dimora Projects asked us to design a website showcasing their sophisticated, hands-on approach to creating everything from luxury homes to large-scale developments, we realised right away that the best way to really show off what they can do was … to show off what they can do!

We created a visually stimulating site, focusing on the beauty and quality of Dimora Projects’ work. The home page’s centrepiece is a street scene that scrolls from greyscale to vibrant colours, representing the excitement of watching your construction project come to life. With its eye-catching images offset by a classic white background and concise lines of text, this is a site that shows as much as it tells – and creates the perfect insight into what Dimora Projects is all about: creating ideal properties without any hassle or fuss.

View dimora projects website here


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