Euston Lane Alexandria marketing

Successful property marketing is about helping buyers visualise the space and lifestyle a home has to offer, so when CBRE asked team scope to design marketing materials for their two stunning Euston Lane terrace properties we knew the key was to capture the spirit of the homes – and the area.

We began with an elegant leaf-shaped logo that echoed the properties’ unique feature wall, and chose a sleek, stylish purple colour that recalls the jacarandas that are the street’s signature flower. This logo was utilised across a diverse marketing campaign, including an A4 inspection brochure with a distinctive Spot UV cover, a detailed eyelet-bound brochure used by agents, an HTML email campaign for the CBRE database, a full-page newspaper ad and a mini website. All the materials reflect the homes’ clean, contemporary style, offering smooth lines, sharp and memorable images, and the sense of a space that embraces innovative design and a vibrant modern lifestyle. Team scope worked closely with the architects and agents to create this stylish campaign that gives these beautiful homes the introduction they deserve.


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