Inspiring Journeys vehicle styling

Redesigning your office space is one thing, but what do you do when your workplace is always on the move?

Inspiring Journeys is an adventure holiday company that offers travel packages to a range of different locations – going everywhere from the Red Centre to Tasmania. Redesigning their 4 wheel drive coach fleet provided a fantastic opportunity to immerse people in the freedom of the Inspiring Journeys brand experience through the physical environment of the coach, encouraging customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising. So, working with architectural partners Silvester Fuller, we set out to create something that maximised traveller comfort without diminishing the excitement of having a holiday adventure.

We started by examining a variety of great ‘adventure’ transportation alternatives – including planes, trains and yachts – to identify all the elements that enhance the experience for the customer. Our solution for Inspiring Journeys was to create 4 wheel drive coaches that literally reflect the versatility of their travel package offerings. When clean, the reflective white exterior of their vehicles creates a universal ‘camouflage’ effect, allowing them to blend in to any environment on any tour. When dirty the coaches also take on the look of a rugged off-road vehicle; because everyone knows the more dirt there is, the more fun you’re having! And to complete the look, we made sure the vehicle had lots of rugged fixtures and fittings, these included a large chrome bull bar complete with heavy duty caged headlights and plenty of checker-plate steel.

We designed an unobtrusive interior that’s a far cry from the glaring red and blue coach interiors of yesteryear! A minimal colour palette, sleek metal fixtures and yacht inspired wood flooring were specified to suggest an ‘outdoor’ atmosphere, and custom made leather seats offer a touch of luxury that makes covering those kilometres a comfortable experience. The result is a newly refurbished 4 wheel drive coach fleet that offers a perfect balance between adventure and luxury, that truly embraces the essence of what environmental design is intended to do.


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