Jamie Zimmermann brand identity

Buying a home or investment property is serious business, and when you’re trying to find the right property it’s important to get advice and assistance from someone you trust. Since 2007, buyers agent and property advisor Jamie Zimmermann has purchased over $73 million worth of real estate for clients across Australia – so he’s clearly got what it takes to deliver fantastic results for his clients.

That’s why, when Jamie asked team scope to create his brand image, including logo and business cards, we knew character was the focus point. We chose rich blues and greens for his colour palette, recalling the discipline, attention to detail and focus on superior performance he developed during his time as Team Leader in the Australian Defence Force, and utilised a strong, simple font in our logo design to underscore Jamie’s commitment to his clients. In addition to the main logotype, we created a marque representing Jamie’s nickname, J/Z, adding a personal touch that makes the brand familiar and friendly. In short, team scope has made sure that seeing Jamie’s brand is as good as getting to know him.


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