JH employee benefits handbook

John Holland employees work hard – and they really deserve the benefits they receive. So when John Holland asked us to expand their employee communications suite by putting together an employee benefits handbook, we wanted to create a booklet that would make staff excited to find out what their employer has to offer.

We maintained the hand-drawn text style from earlier books in the series, giving the handbook the same friendly feel, and illustrated every section with a full-page colour image. Each image evokes the feelings associated with the benefits on offer – ranging from the bright colours of one depicting the excitement of a family holiday to the soft, reassuring tones of another illustrating the John Holland Employee Assistance Program – and the use of quotes to express staff impressions of these benefits make each section personal and highly relevant. The layout of the accompanying text remains clean, simple and informative, utilising columns, headings and bullet points for maximum clarity. This handbook is an ideal resource for John Holland employees looking to understand their entitlements – and thus almost as exciting as the benefits themselves!


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