John Holland Annual Review 2011

John Holland tackles big projects – and they make sure every tiny feature is absolutely perfect. So when the time came to create their 2011 Annual Report and Financial Review, we knew the design had to show off both the scale of their achievements and the commitment to detail that makes them possible. We embraced the theme ‘from the big picture to the smallest detail’ and used a circle motif inside and out to create a magnifying effect that gives the little things that have a big impact the attention they deserved.

Inside, the business sector pages featured full-page images of John Holland projects shot with a wide-angle lens paired with close-ups that enable you to appreciate the results from every angle. With bright, engaging images and design details that draw your eye to significant features, team scope has created reports that give both the macro and the micro their due – because it’s the small details that make the big picture work!


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