John Holland flexible futures book

When you’ve spent a lifetime in the construction industry, building a bridge to retirement can be the most exciting – and most challenging – job of all. As part of their employee communications suite, John Holland asked team scope to create a Flexible Futures booklet to give employees the necessary information to design a pathway to retirement that suits their needs and their lifestyle.

We opted to keep the size and friendly hand-drawn text style from the previous book in the series, maintaining the continuity of the John Holland experience, and tailored the booklet to retirement-age employees with full-page spreads containing vivid images and quotations expressing the dreams and concerns of people approaching retirement. The information pages utilise a clean, mature style – neat columns, bold headings and simple diagrams convey information in the most straightforward way possible. This booklet not only makes understanding your retirement options simple, it establishes the John Holland employer brand as supporting people from the foundations of their careers through to the final finishing touches.


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