RT Health annual report 2013

RT Health Fund believes in great healthcare choices that are by the people, for the people and about the people. So when they asked team scope to create their 2013 annual report with their new online member voting system in mind, we knew that the secret to success lay in giving the fund exactly the right voice.

The report maintains a clean, simple design that exemplifies RT’s down-to-earth attitude. A well-structured layout including columns, restrained photography and a mono colour scheme helps keep the information accessible and easy to read, and the minimalist cover promises a report that gets straight to business. The supplementary documents add a dash of colour with RT’s purple logo, and stylised speech bubbles containing messages for members. Our quirky design and use of RT’s friendly signature font gives the speech bubbles a direct and informal feel, catching the reader’s eye and encouraging members to get involved.

With its strong, straightforward style that captures the heart of the RT brand, this annual report definitely gets our vote.


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