RT Health Fund Brisbane office

Team scope delved into (business) environmental issues, working with rt health fund to remake their workspaces to match their new brand strategy. Recently, we created environmental graphics for their head office in Surry Hills, and when rt’s Brisbane office was devastated by a different kind of environmental force during the Queensland floods, they took the opportunity to have us revitalise their Brisbane headquarters too.

We maintained the ‘natural’ theme from the Sydney office, using vegetation, full-wall murals and lighting to create an atmosphere that gives staff the space and focus they need to deliver their best service. Hints of rt’s vibrant purple brand colouring offset the greenery and give the office a positive, forward-thinking feel. In honour of the fund’s proud industrial heritage, the building was renamed Thallon House after James Forsayth Thallon, the commissioner of railways from 1902 to 1911, and two of his grandchildren and three of his great-grandchildren were present at its opening.

With elements of the old, the new, the natural and the industrial, the new Brisbane office design shows off the very best of what rt has to offer.


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