RT Health Fund head office

RT Health Fund asked team scope to extend the RT brand into their new head office in Surry Hills in a way that would both embrace the 120-year-old fund’s industrial origins and express its commitment to a fresh new direction – one that aims to continually demonstrate the high value it places on its employees and inspire fresh new faces to join the team.

RT’s new head office is designed to be a sanctuary for its staff: it utilises open space, freedom of expression, natural light, wood elements and green vegetation throughout the entrance and break out areas, and offsets the ‘natural’ theme with decorative artefacts from train and shipping yards that hint at the company’s industrial heritage. Staff common areas are relaxing and playful: a place for employees to chill out, communicate and express themselves. A balance between natural elements and tongue-in-cheek decorations both soothe and refresh and create an atmosphere of inspiration and fun.


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