RT Health member marketing

Team scope has been working closely with RT Health Fund for over seven years now, so we’d say we know them pretty well. And when they asked us to freshen up their brand for their new print campaign, we decided to create materials that would help people connect with this fantastic fund as well as we do.

We opted for a bright, engaging colour palette to emphasise the warmth and understanding of RT’s approach, and where possible we used images of actual RT staff – giving the fund’s members the opportunity to meet the people dedicated to answering their questions and helping them with their problems. The informal handwriting-style fonts used in the headlines give the materials a friendly, open feel and we extended the fund’s tagline to read ‘be well. get well. stay well. here for you.’ to highlight RT’s commitment to the wellbeing and satisfaction of its members. We’re using this new brand style across all RT’s materials, so prospective members get the warmest welcome possible, and people who are already onboard have a fresh chance to get to know old friends.


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