team scope studio signage + graphics

Being in the business of creativity can be tough. No, really. Creativity is something that’s hard to switch on at 9 and off at 5, so for us it’s important to invest in creativity ‘triggers’ to keep our team energised, switched-on and firing. Team scope hq is an exercise in developing a fun and inspiring environment. While the main part of the work happens in the ‘engine room’, we’ve also created a number of fun break-out areas for meetings, inspiration and quick changes of scenery. Client and other meetings happen in the ‘enchanted forest’, for informal break-outs we head to the ‘escape pod’ and when the day gets really tough, we retreat to the ‘designers’ block’ where a quick game of space invaders is sure to clear the mind. Playful furnishings, bold graphics and unexpected twists happen at every turn in our lively and colourful studio, making it a place that we – and our clients – love to be.

Interior design by inochi.


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