The Ortho Practice cup cake campaign

We’ve spent the last five years helping The Ortho Practice build a reputation for being different from other orthodontists, so when they asked us to come up with a way to say ‘thanks’ to dentists for referring patients to their practice, we knew a simple card just wouldn’t cut it! But after the success of the Easter cupcake campaign we designed for them, we knew expanding the idea to create a monthly campaign would be a piece of cake!

After exhaustive sampling (it’s all part of the service!) to find the most delectable cupcakes around, and a bit of trial and error to get the icing the exact shade of Ortho Practice red, we created the perfect recipe for a brand-driven message designed to make The Ortho Practice memorable. The message is short and sweet – the word ‘smile’ written in The Ortho Practice’s distinctive illustrative font in white icing on red fondant, with the brand theme carrying across the packaging as well.  And the campaign has been a huge success – referrals are up, resulting in increased revenue for Australia’s friendliest orthodontists … and for us, that really is the icing on the cake.


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