To market, to market

According to the May issue of Boss magazine, the top three business objectives for senior marketers in 2011 are increasing revenue, brand building and improving customer focus. The one thing that they have in common is that they all rely on communicating effectively with your customers. Which leaves the big question: what’s the best way to take your brand to market?

To answer that you need to know what your customers are doing these days. Are they reading the paper? Watching TV? Social networking? The fact is, they’re probably doing all three! When your customers diversify the way they spend their time, you need to diversify the way you reach them, and that means finding the right marketing ‘blend’ to let them know you’re ready for their business!

Boss research shows that savvy business owners are tapping into all available resources to meet their key business objectives. Branding trends of 2011 point toward a combination of print media (21.3%), sponsorship and PR (30.3%), direct marketing (18%) and electronic marketing (25.4%) – because when your customers do everything, you have to, too.

So, how will you take your brand to market in 2011?


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