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Does your brand say what you need it to?

Language is a vital element of your brand identity, but it’s also the one that is most often neglected because most of us believe we can write! Constructing a clear and engaging written message for your brand takes experience and skill, and to do your brand justice you really need to bring in the professionals.

A strong brand has many elements, and having a great design is only half of the picture. Your brand’s written identity needs to reinforce its visual image – if your brand looks good, feels good and speaks your target market’s language your chances of winning the trust of potential and existing customers increases dramatically. In business, words can open the door to additional opportunities, but the key to unlocking that door is clarity.

Although today’s global marketplace provides consumers with almost limitless choice, the downside of this abundance is confusion – there are too many alternatives, too many decisions, too many comparisons to make. Consumers are crying out for clarity and if your brand can accommodate their needs, clearly defining your proposition in good old black and white without hiding behind ambiguously grey areas, then this is an easily leveraged competitive advantage. Gain consumer confidence through clarity, maintain it through quality, and watch as customers become loyal advocates of your brand.

But as with all seemingly simple things, clarity is not easy. It requires discipline, commitment, investment and a proposition that genuinely motivates your audience. I invest in a writer to help me bring my thoughts to life on a page in the way I intended – more often than not, the results are better than I intended and my investment adds enormous value to my proposition.

Language is a key element in your brand identity, which has the ability to reinforce your brand message and allows you to truly connect with your audience. Creating a powerful written message is an integral part of designing your brand and it can’t be left to chance – making an investment in having your written communications professionally crafted will ensure that your message is conveyed with clarity and purpose, delivering a clear competitive advantage for your business.

Team scope employs a number of amazing writers to help our clients maximise their competitive advantage through language by communicating their proposition and brand identity clearly, and we’d be happy to talk to you about doing the same for your business.

Katie Selby