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team scope’s tips for a rebrand

Smart marketers evolve their brands over time to keep them relevant. Some do it well, while others become the target of cynical bloggers. Here are our tips to make your next rebrand a success:

1. Clinging to history.
Rebranding well means staying relevant. Assumptions made when the brand was established may no longer hold true. Analyse changes in target markets when exploring opportunities for brand expansion, repositioning and revitalisation.

2. Remember your brand is more than a logo, stationery or corporate colours.
Brands encompass everything from customer perception and experience to quality, look and feel, customer care, retail and web environments, the tone and voice of communications, and more.

3. Navigating with a plan.
Effective rebrands rely on a creative brief to keep everyone focused as the project progresses. It’s tempting for team members to walk away after the final presentation, however this is just the beginning of the final stretch. The implementation process may require adaptation as the rebrand rolls out. Acknowledge the need to keep the team and consultants together throughout implementation.

4. Partner with a branding consultant without industry experience.
It’s ok to consider an agency that hasn’t worked in your specific industry before. Sometimes it’s ideal – especially if you’re serious about a turnaround. Smart companies recognise the value of a fresh perspective. Good branding consultants are more than graphic designers. The best ones help develop new products, expand demographic focuses and even streamline business operations. Rein them in when needed, but don’t limit their areas of influence.

5. Don’t base your rebrand on advertising.
An ad campaign and a slogan do not equal brand positioning. Brand strategy should lead advertising – not the other way around. Sometimes the most effective rebrands don’t include traditional advertising.

6. Avoid strategy by committee.
Too many opinions delay the rebranding process and diffuse the focus needed to achieve ROI. Keep those with critical approval authority to an efficient shortlist, and assemble the smallest, most essential project team possible. Include a mix of levels – not just executive.

7. You’re too small to rebrand.
Every brand needs refreshing to stay relevant as markets evolve. Smaller companies and non-profits are not immune. Like larger brands, they too have brand positions that need to be enhanced.

Katie Selby