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Your branded environment

Your branded environment can bring tangible benefits to your business in terms of customer loyalty, employee productivity and, ultimately, profit.

Bringing your brand to life through the physical environment is as important as through the online environment or any printed material. Yet a common mistake many companies make is to ignore their physical environment.

The science of branding a physical environment is what is commonly known as environmental graphics and encompasses many disciplines, including graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design. And it’s not just you or your employees that can benefit – the same principles can equally be applied to retail or customer-facing spaces, providing increased loyalty and business.

At its heart, environmental graphics is all about immersing yourself, your staff and your customers in your brand. While straplines and mission statements are a valuable element of your brand, environmental graphics have the advantage of becoming part of the environment. They’re a physical statement of who you are, what you do and the things you stand for, without being a distraction. And, because the message is almost subliminal it stays with you – and affects everything that you do.

Katie Selby