RT Health Fund Surry Hills interiors

After the success of the rt health fund, Hamilton optical centre – developed by team scope – rt health fund quickly moved to open a second optical store and their very first dental practice ‘healthy teeth’ at their Surry Hills head offices. (more…)

RT Health Fund Newcastle interiors

When asked by rt health fund to take the new ‘healthy eyes’ brand – developed by team scope – and design the interiors of their first ever optical store in Hamilton, Newcastle, we were very excited. (more…)

RT healthy brand

As part of the launch of rt health fund’s new optical and dental centres, team scope named and branded them ‘healthy eyes’ and ‘healthy teeth’, creating a fun colour palette and icons for both brands that complimented the existing rt corporate purple. (more…)

RT Health Fund vehicle graphics


When your company has a great brand image, it’s only natural to want to take it out and show it off to the world. (more…)

RT Health annual report 2013

RT Health Fund believes in great healthcare choices that are by the people, for the people and about the people. So when they asked team scope to create their 2013 annual report with their new online member voting system in mind, we knew that the secret to success lay in giving the fund exactly the right voice. (more…)

RT Health 2012 annual report


rt health fund excels at providing innovative services that benefit its members and keep its business growing. At team scope, we get that you can’t have all that forward momentum without a lot of facts and figures right at your fingertips – so when rt asked us to help create their 2012 annual report, we selected a design that was simple, well organised and accessible. (more…)