team scope

Inspiring Journeys brand creation

Branding, Collateral, Online

At team scope, we think traveling should be about freedom, adventure and new experiences – and so does experiential tour company, AAT Kings! So when they asked us to design their new brand, we decided to create something really inspiring – starting with the name! The new Inspiring Journeys brand includes a freeform logo that represents sky, sea and sand, and our unique travel brochure features a dust-jacket map of Australia, which gets people feeling adventurous as soon as they pick it up. Next, we created a colourful, informative and interactive website that captures the imagination, and developed full brand identity guidelines to ensure that Inspiring Journeys delivers a true-to-brand experience every time.This dynamic new brand gives Inspiring Journeys everything it needs to give its clients a great travel experience no matter where the spirit of adventure takes them!