team scope

The Fountain property marketing

Branding, Marketing, Signage

This month’s team scope challenge was to find the right combination of eclectic and quirky to design the perfect campaign for ‘The Fountain’, a warehouse redevelopment in the heart of Alexandria. The Ambiance Group is giving this fantastic warehouse a new lease on life, creating a vibrant retail and commercial community, while retaining its heritage materials and iconic personality.

After rolling up our sleeves and digging around in its past we created an identity that features an eccentric ‘sea captain’ who perfectly characterises the history of this warehouse, which was once home to an emporium of the unexpected where patrons could purchase anything from whale oil to fish hooks and rabbit traps. team scope brought the building’s whimsical history to life by taking an innovative approach to the marketing materials, using raw brown paper bags as the medium for the retail space advertisements and rustic posters to showcase the commercial areas, bringing a touch of old-world charm to a modern-day campaign.